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    I have a soft spot for anything around the Boston area because I'm from the western side of the state and I spent all of my college years in that city. But I got off the phone with Encore there this morning, and I don't see a place like this lasting.

    My daughter and her husband want to take a week off in late July from their yuppie schedules and chose visiting Boston as an interesting vacation spot, since her husband has never done anything but have a few business meetings at Logan Airport, and my daughter has only been there several times as a child and teenager with us. They're looking for a nice place to stay, and after hearing about all the hoopla about Encore's Grand Opening recently and knowing my knowledge of the city as well as casino-hotels, they asked for my opinion before booking. I do know they like new and exciting places, and this is probably the newest and most exciting property that's opened in the country lately. So being hobbled by injury/surgery right now, they got me at the right time.

    First, they don't drive anywhere when away. They take Uber (something I've never done) exclusively. I made four calls to Encore for info and I looked over their website. The rooms of course are beautiful, the dining top notch, and the nightlife (which is more important than anything to them) is excellent. They also would not hang out in the hotel day after day, as they gamble lightly (I think) and prefer the many daytime sightseeing opportunities in one of the country's most historic cities.

    They are staying 6 nights. Each night is $642 with no resort fee (if they had a red card it's about $80 less) w/o the 11.something % tax. If they were foolish enough to rent a car and drive there, parking is $42/day and $49/day if you valet. WTF?? Drinks aren't comped to players, and they come with the usual Wynn snob-fee add-on. At least they're required to stop serving at 4am.

    I also went over the expected times it might take to get from the hotel to certain parts of the city to do the things they're going there for. Not a problem for them. I guess neither was the ridiculous nighly rate. They booked it shortly after my report.

    I really am not tuned into what high-end hotels around the country charge any more because I rarely stay in them these days. But it seems to me that a room that's over $700 and if you happen to drive in then you get hit with another $42-$49 + tax, is not something most normal people will do. I tried talking my daughter out of it but they liked everything else I had to say about this place.

    How can such a place make it in New England. Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun charge nothing to park and are easier to get in and out of for a lot of New Englanders. The rates at MGM Springfield are half Encore's, and MGM is hardly the tightasses Wynn/Encore are.
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    What the fuck does this have to do with Las Vegas? There is a Eastern Casinos section for fucks sake! Wise up Robbochio.

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    Originally Posted by mcap View Post
    What the fuck does this have to do with Las Vegas? There is a Eastern Casinos section for fucks sake! Wise up Robbochio.
    What a dumbass. There's a thread on the Florida Lottery. There's a thread on Norwegian Cruises. There's mickey's road pic thread from around the West. On & on.

    Wise up.

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    I read somewhere that on opening day two roulette cheaters were caught and someone was arrested for trespassing.
    Luck is probability taken personally.

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    I think Mass. is class two gaming.
    I'll miss Alan's profound stupidity.

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    Originally Posted by PIGGY BANKER View Post
    How did they cheat?
    Probably past posting.
    Luck is probability taken personally.

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    They were doing the old sneak roulette chips off the table, have someone else sneak em back at higher denom.

    The hotel is expensive, but everything in Boston is. The comparables inside the city are all over $500/ night and often charge for parking. The casino parking is $1 if you pay using reward points. Drinks are free to gamblers. It's a beautiful property, but I never feel comfortable in such fancy places!

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