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Thread: Hash House a Go-Go in Vegas is owned by Caesars and charges 1:1 Rewards Credits... and also isn't owned by Caesars and charges 2:1 RCs

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    Confused by the thread title?

    Makes sense, because the whole thing is super confusing.

    Hash House a Go-Go, a San Diego based breakfast chain, rented at spot within the Linq hotel (former Imperial Palace). This was NOT Caesars owned, but they were just paying rent for the spot. For a long time, from whenever they opened until May 2019, they still took Rewards Credits at a 1:1 rate (each RC was worth a penny).

    After a short time, someone at Caesars got the brilliant idea to buy a Hash House franchise and put it in the Rio. Hash House agreed to sell one to Caesars, and that's what happened. So the one you see at Rio -- shitty hours (6am-2pm) and all -- is Caesars owned. Like all Caesars owned restaurants, they also accepted RCs at 1:1.

    However, Caesars decided in May 2019 that they were unhappy with the situation with the Linq Hash House. See, they actually had to reimburse that Hash House the full penny for each RC spent. Since they own the Rio one, there was no reimbursement involved, so RCs redeemed there only cost them the raw cost of the food. At the Linq, they had to actually fully reimburse a third party. They changed the situation to where Hash House would be 2:1 -- meaning each RC would be worth a half penny. This essentially makes your meal cost double, which would be a terrible way to spend your RCs.

    Of course, this created a SUPER CONFUSING situation:

    Both Hash Houses accepted RCs at 1:1 for years, through May 2019.
    Starting May 2019, the Linq Hash House began charging 2:1, but the Rio version was still charging 1:1.

    Nice and simple for the customers, right?

    Well, a few weeks ago, after tons of customer complaints, Caesars pressured Linq Hash House to post a sign at the hostess stand informing people of the change.

    That's all well and good, except they didn't post another sign at the bar, where people do take out!


    Well, guess who just did takeout last night and got fucked by the situation?


    And when I asked Linq Hash House to fix it, they claimed to have "no access" to refund RCs or adjust charges, so I was fucked. I think that's actually correct. They only give third party restaurants the ability to charge, not reverse or credit (which is stupid).

    So I went to The Cromwell Total Rewards (the only one open at that time), and the reps there were clueless. The supervisor first suggested I "get a host" to fix it. I explained to her that hosts aren't there for fixing errors, and that any "fix" done by a host would actually count against my comp power. The truth is that I don't have any comp power anyway based on my Vegas play, but what I said was also correct. Even if I did have comp power, I wouldn't waste it on fixing errors. She weakly argued but then conceded that I was probably right. She claimed she didn't have the authority to give me the RCs back, and that it was really the restaurant's responsibility!

    This created a problem, as each was passing the buck to the other. Total Rewards wanted the restaurant to take care of it, as it was their mistake, but the restaurant lacks the ability to do so. Ugh!

    I talked to a Total Rewards supervisor at a different property during normal hours. She lectured me in a nasty tone of voice that it's "been this way since May" and "they've had signs for weeks". The "since May" thing is especially laughable, because most guests haven't been there since May (myself included).

    I tried to make the point that the "signs" were just one sign, and it wasn't where I could see it as a takeout customer. She responded, "But there was a sign, so it was your responsibility to read it", completely ignoring my point. I actually had to reenact (at the TR desk, not the restaurant) my walking in, asking where takeout was, and pretend-walking in that direction, to demonstrate how I wouldn't have seen the sign. She then literally snatched my TR card out of my hand, stormed off, and then came back and said she fixed it. Which is good, I guess. But why the attitude? I assume she's sick of dealing with it by now.

    Is this ridiculous, or what? This whole 2:1 versus 1:1 thing is super annoying to begin with, but to have two Caesars property Hash Houses charging different redemption rates in the SAME CITY, when both had been doing 1:1 for years, is beyond idiocy.
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    As I'm sure you know by now, Caesars pretty much fucks everything up.

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    Originally Posted by RS__ View Post
    As I'm sure you know by now, Caesars pretty much fucks everything up.

    Ditto that. Now to the question:

    Are there any other situations in LV where CET is doing the 2:1 thing to a leasing restaurant? That's what needs to be known.

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    Glad you got your $8 in RC back.

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    I still don't understand how and why Dan let's these totally meaningless little things eat away at him. When you commit yourself to TR, just accept that they're gonna give you ulcers from time to time.
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    I recently was at HASH and gave my card to the server to pay with points. She said I should reconsider as they were 2-1. So I paid cash--but I thought it was nice of her to point it out.

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    Originally Posted by MaxPen View Post
    Glad you got your $8 in RC back.
    It was $22.

    For $8 I would've let it go.

    I can't stand just letting $22 go because of a stupid mistake like this.
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