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    Hi, was going to go to Northwestern Washington in a couple of months for work.

    Never been and from researching looks like all their slots and VP (Washington state) may be class II or similar set up.

    Was thinking of going into Vancouver Canada area to play at some places. Never been to Canada and from researching it looks like there are 4 important things I need to be aware of:

    1. Need a valid passport

    2. Canada does not have taxable jackpots (Although I understand that legally as a US Citizen u are required to report to IRS)

    3. You have to declare any cash you have on you over $10k at border or risk getting it seized.

    4. Canada casinos dont accept US currency and you can exchange US currency at casino but exchange rates may not be favorable there so may want to exchange elsewhere.

    Anything else I should be aware of?

    Any tips are greatly appreciated

    Thank you

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    If you cross at a major high traffic border station, you're much less likely to get strong scrutiny.

    If you attempt to cross at a smaller one, make sure you have no criminal convictions (even misdemeanors) in the past 10 years, or they won't let you in.
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