I've been watching Terra Nova on Fox... EVERY SINGLE TIME IT'S BEEN ON. It's my other "favorite show" of the fall season. (The other is Pan Am on ABC.)

Tonight was the season finale -- a two hour presentation and I just loved it. Enough twists and turns to keep the interest moving.

And now the seasonal cliffhanger... the discovery of part of sailing ship from the 19th Century that was supposed to have been transported back to the future... the 22nd Century.

So the question: how did the sailing ship get transported millions of years into Earth's past where the Terra Novans now reside? Ahhh... good cliffhanger.

My first thought.... and I'm taking a guess here.... a link through the Bermuda Triangle? If that's the case, what else went back millions of years through the Bermuda Triangle? Military ships and aircraft, too? 20th Century people?

Now, is there an insider who might spill the beans or at least peek inside one of those scripts around the office to clue us in?

Then there were the recent news reports that the show might cancelled! NO!!! You can't do that. Who would do that? The same people who cancelled the original Star Trek? And the Man from U.N.C.L.E and I Spy?

We should start seeing the T-shirts soon: I love Terra Nova, Terra Nova is my Home, I want to live in Terra Nova, Future resident of Terra Nova, Terra Nova Homeowners Association, Terra Nova Athletic Club, Terra Nova Beach Club. Terra Nova Dino Walkers