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Mature 35 YO.

In the words of a Maitre D in Chicago many years ago....”I weep for the future”.
Sometimes, sometimes I have flashes where I actually come across as a mature 35 year old Adult.
So did Andy Kaufman and Mozart.

Of course both died at 35.

Probably not a good comparison.

Try to be mature more often, I believe you have it in you.
My Steve Cyr Comes Across As A Cold Hearted Jerk!" Thread on WOV is one of my rare flashes of maturity. I was so disgusted and appalled that Steve Cyr could talk so nonchalantly about Gamblers' suicides that he helped cause. I couldn't believe how cold hearted he came across when talking about their suicides. "My Client John Williams lost his $100,000 Mortgage on bad bets in a Blackjack game and threw himself off a bridge. Oh well, I got my $20,000 cut from him, business is business, he didn't HAVE to play with his Mortgage money," was seriously the MO of this disgusting Man.