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Tasha, I'd like you to refrain from creating threads like these unless you have a legit reason that such machines are "beatable".

Simply because you've played them and won on them in the past doesn't make them "beatable".

I know you enjoy creating "naive gambler" threads, but I need stuff like this to end, or I'm going to have to disable your ability to create threads.
But the fact is that I FREQUENTLY won on them before they were removed/"Upgraded" .
I have no doubt you did. Perhaps a better post would be more details on it. The machine names, the bet size and maybe how many times your bet you won. Such as a .50 bet won you $10, or 20x your bet.

As Max said, you are the only thing keeping this site going. Donít let Dan ruin the winning information you are posting.

Have a Winning Day Tasha!
A single .25 bet on the good standalone Roulette Machines gave me $9. Way better than having to risk $5 to win $9 unlike another Roulette Machine. On American Original, I won like $20 on a .09 bet.