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I let both Dancer and Munchkin know about Rob working the Game King glitch and how much he made over a 5 year period. I told them the story was out there if they were interested. I got a one word response from Dancer "Thanks." No response from Munchkin but I suspect that Dancer squashed any chance of a GWAE interview. And I suspect that Munchkin would be interested if not for Bob.
You probably should have tried to go through Munchkin, just because of the history between Dancer and Singer. Munchkin is a pretty level headed guy. But either way, you would have had to attempt to really sell it Mickey, just because Singer has zero credibility. You would have had to say what makes you, a very knowledgeable AP on the subject believe Singer is telling the truth. In short, you would have had to put YOUR credibility on the line for Singer. You did that here, rather ferociously. Is there a reason you weren't willing to do so, further?
I sent Dancer and Munchkin the same email. I did not "ferociously" sell anything here about Rob and the Game King glitch. I ferociously defended myself from viscious personal attacks by you and others because of my opinion as to his credibility. The attacks had no chance to change my opinion. Only cold hard facts can change my opinion. You guys didn't offer any. My opinion remains the same. I compare Rob's knowledge of the play to that of a master thief's knowledge of robbing jewelry stores and banks. He simply knows to much about it and he couldn't have learned it online. Nor has anyone come forward saying they taught it to him.

I'll have to see if I can find that email. I think I did say something about finding Rob's story credible because of his extensive knowledge of how it works, the casinos involved, his modus operandi, etc.

I think the only reason the story won't fly is because of Bob's animosity toward Rob. The vpFREE aministrator, who kowtows to Bob wouldn't even let me post the story there.