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Thread: GWAE episode with "The Doc"

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    Originally Posted by MaxPen View Post
    Where do you get your information from? If you already know the answers why do you need GWAE to discuss it? Table game play is affected from a team and player/employee standpoint. Provided the casino knows how to use and setup the software correctly.
    You really have no idea what you're talking about when it comes to machines. You're just making stuff up regarding this and machine play. For someone who is supposedly back to your BJ roots you sure like to try and open discussion regarding the trials and tribulations of those who focus on machines. Have to wonder what your motivations are.
    I got my information from a friend that works the pit at one of the big strip casinos. Granted he works the pit and not surveillance, but he got info from someone he knows in surveillance, so I will grant you my information is not first hand. I would love to have the opportunity to talk to my friend's friend, but I don't think that is going to happen.

    So having dinner with my pit friend over the weekend, we talked some "shop" and the topic of NORA came up. And while I had heard of it, much of what he was saying was new to me and quite frankly somewhat concerning. And I would welcome the opportunity to learn more. I think that is the kind of thing if Munchkin could get one of his contacts from a surveillance dept that has some first hand knowledge, we could all benefit from it.

    I am not sure why you are giving me such a hard time MaxPen. And yes, I do think this is as much if not more of a threat to the machine type teams from how it was described to me. With Table players, like a BJ call in team, Pit and surveillance has been trying to link players for years, looking for things like 2 or more players that played at the same table in the past.

    This NORA does way more than that. It piggybanks off the facial recognition, which at the Casino level wasn't great at the beginning but has gotten better in recent years, along with the personnel operating it. But From there NORA scans all kinds of databases, and I am not just talking about Casino related databases bases like OSN and biometrics, but all kinds of government and financial databases and can find links or connections between two people currently in the casino that seemingly have no connection. It immediately is able to tell you that player A and player B playing on the opposite side of the casino were college roommates, or have had several financial transactions over the years, or used to be employed at the same company, or are cousins or brother-in-laws, or have previously been in this or another casino at the same time. And this is all done automatically, with no input from the operator.

    So yeah, I am not a machine team player, and my BJ team play has been very limited. But it seems like something that should be of concern to all AP's And I would like to know as much as I can.
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    Someone's pulling your leg kew. Only NSA can accomplish some of those things you mentioned, and some of those things are illegal even to that agency unless there's a foreign person of interest involved. If I played black jack I'd be more concerned about where the dealer's hands have been before he or she roared up to the table.

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    Originally Posted by kewlJ View Post
    my BJ team play has been very limited.
    yeah but what about your Blackjack team?

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    Originally Posted by AxelWolf View Post
    Originally Posted by kewlJ View Post
    my BJ team play has been very limited.
    yeah but what about your Blackjack team?
    I don't think you are posing a serious question, but I will respond.

    For the most part I am and have always been a solo type player. I did team with my brother for 2 years which ended at the start of this year, but that partnership is what is known as an EMFH (every man for himself) Team. This means the team members do not play together. at the same table, or even same casino at the same time. They play separately but share results, which smooths out the swings and variance.

    With these surveillance technology that we are discussing, I was much more at risk with my late spouse/partner. While we didn't play a lot of blackjack together, and when we did, it was mostly out of town, it would have been fairly easy to link us as "associates" because we were often playing (different games) in the same casinos, plus, not very careful about things like eating lunch together.

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