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Thread: Question About Some Info I Saw -- the term "HV", what does it mean?

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    A host at a Caesars property in Las Vegas showed me some an internal document that outlined how much free play people received for various levels of play.

    400-499HV = $75 casino play
    500-599HV = $100 casino play
    600-749HV = $150 casino play
    750-999HV = $200 casino play
    1000-1499HV = $250 casino play
    1500-1999HV = $350 casino play
    2000-2999HV = $500 casino play
    3000-4999HV = $750 casino play
    5000-7999HV = $1,250 casino play
    8000+HV = $2,250 casino play

    So the question is what does "HV" mean and how is it computed?

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    "Hold value," maybe? I don't know.

    This looks like maybe some kind of play-up promotion? Can you give us some more context around why you were shown this document?

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    I fell into the 2000-2999HV for $500 casino play range. This is for an invitation only event in October. My only play on my Caesars Rewards card in the past 12 months was a 7,500+ tier credit play at video poker in May.

    One thought was if the VP had a 3% theo, then 0.03 * 75,000 = 2,250 which falls into the range of my offer. Any other ideas?

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    I would say your explanation is the most likely one.

    This is good info here. Thanks for sharing.

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    Yes I looked at my last trip vs. my current offers and your calculation makes sense for mine using my total TCs earned for that trip. So for a non local like myself it'd be a trip value not a visit value.

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    HV probably is "hold value" I think you got it.

    It seems to be an offshoot of "MDV", which stands for "Marketing Daily Value". MDV is basically your theo minus comps redeemed -- what they feel they actually make on you average per day.

    HV is probably just a raw, per-trip (maybe only last trip) calculation on your theoretical loss per trip.

    Why use that instead of ADT?

    Because they're giving you a one-use offer of freeplay, and are interested in calculating whether you are likely to lose more than the freeplay value for the trip.

    So so it looks like they're giving you roughly 20-25% of your HDV back through freeplay, meaning they're inviting you with the expectation to still get 75-80% of your expected losses.

    Never seen that metric before, but it makes sense.
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