Here is a thread for talking about YouTube Comments you love! YouTube Comments are the soul of Youtube and I guess the videos are the heart.

Jill's Reveal, Scream 4.

"There are 30 dislikes. Well, 30 people tried to kill their cousin for fame!" It's funny in context.

Set It Off.

"I'm surprised that Luther stole the $300,000 and not one of the 4 Female Bank Robbers! I would have expected one of the ladies too have taken ALL of the loot and skipped town with it! I need true friends who wouldn't run off with all of the money!"

Go West. We Close Our Eyes.

"200 people don't have tigers in the dark. Referring to dislikes!

"He needs a shower(Referring to the lead singer who is very sweaty in the music video)

Just A Girl by No Doubt.

"Vampires have aged more than Gwen Stefani!" Referring to Gwen Stefani looking only about 10 years older today despite JAG video being released like 23 years ago!

Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N Roses.

"600 people got lost in the Jungle " Referring to 600 Dislikes at the time. Later on, a replier said,"Now, 1,000 people got lost in the Jungle."

Alyssa Jackson Fakes Cancer For Sympathy and Money.

"She should be sentenced to Cancer with no Parole!" I was shocked that no one at the time replied to a witty comment and I told her that I was shocked no one replied and told her it was a good comment.