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Thread: Alternate universe of undiscovered female freeroll specialists.

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    So many thoughts here.

    This could be a good thing for Tasha to get into.

    Why is it mostly women? Why are most APs guys? I know there are plenty of women working on teams, but still.

    Sorry for the off topic post and all. It is about professional APs, working out of their home.

    Now I'm giving Mickey some plays he can't give me shit for being a no contributin' leech. END OF STORY.

    wise up.

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    Sweepstaking as a hobby/lucrative side hustle has been around for years.

    Back when the internet was new - we're talking late 90s - there were all kinds of opportunities going with points-for-clicking websites, lucrative online shopping coupons, etc.. In reading online message boards and forums looking for the happening opportunities/APs I came across the sweepstakes crowd. Back then sweepstakes were mostly paper based - mail-in postcards/forms or drop your ticket in the box at a physical location - and the strategy was looking for opportunities potentially lucrative enough to justify the postage or travel cost (when you had to go drop tickets in the box). But there was a lot of discussions about them, as well as some fledgling websites that listed various sweepstakes opportunities and the entry particulars.

    It was mostly female then also and mostly housewife/homemaker types. You can sit and fill in forms around watching kids or caring for elderly relatives, or around whatever keeps you at home and out of the workforce. Or it's something to keep you busy while you're stuck somewhere remote but with mail service (at least then mail service mattered, probably just need internet now).

    I looked into it some myself as a side hustle but I could just never get into it. I hadn't thought about it in years until your comment but contests being online would make it easier and eliminate the hassle of filling out forms and the postage cost that made it too much of a PITA for me.

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