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Thread: Confession Regarding Being "Light in the Loafers"

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    In another thread, "Rob Singer" asked if I sounded as if I were light in the loafers. His insights, his way of squinting through the fog of posts and grasping what matters, led me to make this confession. It's not easy to admit this.

    You see, I pride myself on my packing. I pack like a Navy SEAL. I could make it through 90 days in Las Vegas on two small suitcases.

    So it always bothers me when I have difficulty packing an extra pair of shoes. I need my running shoes. But I prefer something dressier for shows, yet something in which I can also walk a couple of miles wandering around town. Regular dress shoes weigh a bit, and when I'm traveling with my football stats and such, packing can be tight.

    So prior to my last trip, I bought two pairs of Skechers' Camden loafers. I ordered them online without having tried them on in the store. They have pseudo-laces but are really slip-ons. Without having worn them at all, I took the taupe pair with me to LV. After wearing them for two days, I realized I had made a mistake. They were simply too light a pair of loafers. No support at all. It was like wearing slippers. If you stepped off a curb, you were in danger of turning an ankle.

    It turns out that I had made the uncharacteristic error of being too light in the loafers.

    So I wanted to come clean on that and admit that "Singer" had me pegged perfectly. Next time, I'll stick to my Mizunos and a pair of Dockers. Like a real man.

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    Rob is incredible at life. I have spent the past few weeks trying to find every post he as ever made, reading gambling forums going waaaay back, deep deeeeep in the archives, hoping, just hoping I can learn just a little more life edge from him. He's clearly the smartest guy on this forum except for well Tasha.

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