Well, on another website, Oreo came out with some Oreo Cookie Bar. Then Chips Ahoy came out with a very similar Cookie Bar shortly after. I said on that website,"Chips Ahoy ripped off an Oreos Food! I hope that the Company that makes Oreos sues The Company that makes Chips Ahoy!" I got a reply that said something like,"Oreos and Chips Ahoy are from the same Company, called Nabisco, you Dummy!" Oops
Someone replied in my favor saying something like,"I also thought that Chips Ahoy and Oreos were from different Companies."

I am Janice Johnson on that same website, and during my early days there, I had "Friends," that I created.... On the old IMDB, I also had created "Friends," and I would link to posts that I had made and then say something like ,"This Janice Person said basically the same thing I said" ! The IMDB Posters were like,"Why does this Janice Johnson person seem eerily similar to a certain Karen Nathan on this website. Hmm. Big coincidence." I was so busted.

On the website I posted as Janice Johnson, I had a "Friend," named Mary Charle. On a computer different from my home computer, I absentmindly logged in as Mary Charle and then I remembered I should be logging in as Janice Johnson and I quickly logged out as MC without posting and sign in as JJ and then post. I thought maybe no one woukd catch on about my slip if I didn't post as MC. I soon got a PM from a Moderatir saying something like,"Janice, are you and Mary Charle the same person? I noticed you and she both logged into the same computer today. We Moderators have a way of knowing where Posters log into." I admitted that Mary Charle was my "Friend," and he replied,"Thank you for your honesty. Multiple Accounts are not allowed on here and I'm going to need you to stop posting under the MC Account or I will have to ban you. " I also stupidly admitted to the public part of the website that my Friend," Mary Charle was my IMDB Sock. Posters were like,"So Mary Charle is your IMDB Sock, but is coincidentally your Friend on here. Not suspicious at all. " Busted. I soon admitted to the public website that MC was my Sock. A different Moderator said something like."We will not ban you for the Sock thing as long as MC doesn't show up to praise you anymore. " LMAO! And on a hilarious side note, the first Moderator who sent me the PM ended up merging my Janice Johnson Posts and threads and my Mary Charle Posts and threads under the Janice Johnson Account, so it rightfully looked like I was talking to myself and kissing my own butt! LMAO! Posters got a kick out of that!

On IMDB, I was multiple Socks. Two in particular were vastly different, Karice and Chone Wilson. Karice was nice and sweet and Chone was a sarcastic Jerk. I was doing a good job of making Chone and Karice seem like two different people, until the fateful day when I forgot to log out as Chone and login as Karice. So,a Poster asked Karice,"Karice, how was your vacation?" Chone answered,"My vacation was good. I loved it. Thank you for asking. In reality, I just stopped posting as Karice for like a week The Poster replied,"Uh, Chone why did you answer the question I asked Karice?" Chone made a flimsy excuse claiming he thought they were asking him that question. So obviously a lie. It wasn't even plausible like Jim and Jimmy. The reply was ,"Uh,Chone, how could you get Chone Wilson and Karice mixed up? Those names look nothing alike! And besides, you didn't go on vacation, Chone!" Other Posters echoed the Skeptic's thoughts and I finally admitted to being both Chone Wilson and Karice and Posters were like "We knew it as soon as you answered under the wrong name. LOL. LOL.

On another website, I was deemed a Troll and banned. On this website, they did a lot of bantering so when they told me I was annoying, I thought they were just doing their usual bantering and kept on. The Admin banned me saying something like,"Donna, I am banning you because there have been multiple complaints about you and I can see their points. Goodbye and have a nice life." 10 months went by and I got a new internet device...And, I was back.... I created two "Friends," which were quickly met with suspicion. Posters were like,"Hey, Kentry and Randy, you guys seem like the Male Versions of a well known Poster named Donna. I claimed I had no idea who Donna was while the other Posters laughed. The Admin later came and banned both Kentry and Randy saying,"Kentry and Randy were Donna Socks." I came back multiple times with Socks who had different Ethnicities, Genders, Races, backgrounds. They were eventually banned by the Admin. One particular Sock, I decided to make completely different from my usual personality. This Sock, Tim was a foul mouthed Waiter with a huge anger management Problem.. Posters were like,"Tim is obviously so drastically different from Donna, that he HAS to be a Donna Sock!" The Admin banned Tim after just three days saying that Tim was a Donna Sock. I continued to make Socks, that were soon banned. Posters said something like,"It would be legendary if Donna creates a Sock and reports another Sock to the Admin!

Here's a kicker. The Admin's name is DONALD, and my name is DONNA, LMAO! Posters were like"Donald The Admin is running this website all by himself with no donations. It's very possible that he created the Donna account as as a play on the word "Donate," to get us to donate and we haven't all this time so he is subconsciously running this Forum into the ground as a cry for help with his Donna and Friends accounts. I'll give him a donation to get him to stop with the Donna and Friends Accounts! " Other Posters gave this theory valid thoughts. I wasn't Donald, really! One particular Sock I admitted using a Metaphor that I wanted Amnesty as I wasn't the Troll I was when I posted under the Donna Account the first time and I created so many Socks that the Admin Donald decided to unban my Donna Account under the condition I not Troll anymore. I was allowed back under my Donna Account and I wasn't the Troll I was the first time.