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Thread: I Think KewlJ Nailed It

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    In-between my bone stimulation treatments and ice-packing, I'll give the haters a little more despicable common sense.

    mickey keeps getting accused of "forming an alliance" with me or doing other sensible things that supposedly "flies in the face of a hater's narrative". So let's look at what he's REALLY been doing, which'll probably keep kew and redietz tossing and turning all night long.

    What these asshats are conveniently forgetting is that it was ME who asked HIM to hear what I had to say, and not the other way around. And just as with axel, I had zero idea how he would react.

    The result with mickey (and likely axel also, which is probably why he doesn't post here anymore) created a big problem for these critics. Why? Because they were forced to face the same facts everyone else here faced: my story made sense. But mickey especially irritated kew, because kew never wanted mickey to be able to think for himself. Even worse, he knows mickey has a long history with me on these forums, and HOW DARE HE for remembering my history and past postings and saying to himself: "NOW I see why he did that" and " it makes some kind of sense" or "it's all beginning to add up".

    In other words, we have somebody who looks at basically everything objectively, whether or not they like someone. And this behavior is just not compatible with the "I'm right/you're wrong" agendas of people like kew. mickey doesn't suddenly agree with and like everything about me. He simply is expressing a highly qualified view on what I said I did. He understands these slot machines better than most. Far less complicated is my play history.

    Wise up people.

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    One more since the board is slow.

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