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Thread: Beating a CSM (continuous shuffle machine)

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    I recently purchased and took possession of a CSM, not the ASM of discussions of the last year. I just have an interest to learn all I can about these machines. The seller had said he would "steer" anyone purchasing towards how to beat these machines, but his "steering" was pretty vague. Steering is in quotes for a reason. lol. I also spoke with an acquaintance who is a top table game AP, who told me not to bother, the advantage, was minimal. Well I am a card counter....I am used to minimal advantage.

    So I am asking anyone on this forum (jbjb) or APs from other forums that may be reading and has any suggestions or cares to really point me in the right direction to shoot me a PM or email

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    Originally Posted by jbjb View Post
    You wasted money.
    You are always so helpful jbjb.

    Maybe I wasted some money. Wouldn't be the first time. Even if I don't learn how to beat it or decide doing so is not worth it to me, I still am interested in learning how they work.

    I also can probably sell it and recoup at least a portion of my expense, but might just hang on to it anyway. As a professional player, who plays almost daily, I still practice several times a week at home. And my preferred method of practice is dealing cards on my blackjack table, rather than computer simulation. Dealing cards is also how I train people on the occasions I have done so. So a shuffle machine, while it won't create positive or negative counts, will still be convenient when practicing or training. I get tired of shuffling.

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    There are plenty of video showing how they work.

    I say run your own home game.

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    Originally Posted by jbjb View Post
    There are plenty of video showing how they work.

    I say run your own home game.
    I have seen video.

    At the risk of hijacking my own thread (really no more to say, just hoping for some private responses), I will share my own experience with a "private game" that I don't believe I have ever told before on any forum.

    I think it was my 3rd year of play, which would be 2006. I lived in Philly and played Atlantic City. My BR only allowed me to play $5 tables spreading to about $40. AC had no (well maybe 1 at Borgata) $5 tables on weekend, so my play all took place during the week. So I learned of a private game on the Camden Campus of Rutgers University, run by college kids on saturday nights. I was in my early 20's so fit right in.

    I think I played 5 times, maybe 6. Did pretty well. But that Rutgers-Camden campus was not in the best of neighborhoods in Camden. It has been cleaned up a little since, at least at the time I left Phila area, but when I played it was still fairly shady. I wasn't sure how long they were going to let me keep winning and I didn't like leaving the game late at night on a Saturday, and walking to the Camden transportation center (even worse neighborhood) and catching a bus or Patco high speed line back to Philly. But it allowed for some play and extra EV at a time when I was having trouble getting all that much EV because of availability of low limit games in AC.

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    Does it have a double up feature?

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    Look at whether the discards that go in at the end of the hand get fed into the shuffler in a timely fashion.

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    Originally Posted by smurgerburger View Post
    Look at whether the discards that go in at the end of the hand get fed into the shuffler in a timely fashion.
    Will do. I think it if kind of common knowledge that there is a bit of a delay of a couple rounds. Easy enough to check though by numbering cards 1 through 312.

    But that knowledge alone isn't worth all that much. Maybe if the muck builds up to 3/4 deck of so and the running count +15, you could count on a couple rounds at an advantage, can't imagine much more. If there is a delay of a couple rounds, it would probably identify a DISadvantage more than an advantage, just by having 5 or 6 aces in that muck.

    But I am really interested in something less about card counting, if there is anything.

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