View Poll Results: Do you find Singers SPS system involving progressive wagering, special plays and stop limts credible

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Thread: Rob Singer's SPS (and other systems claim poll

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    This poll has to do ONLY with Singer's SPS (and other system) claims. There is a separate poll for his double up claim.

    So Singer claims to have made amended 375k over 4 years playing a video poker using progressive wagering system, using stop limits and "special" (less optimal plays) overcoming negative expectation, all of which go against accepted mathematical principals.

    Do you find this claim credible? Again, I am going to ask that people set aside any personal feeling they may have about Rob.
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    I didn't vote in this poll because I don't care either way. Go to Gamblers Book Shop and you will find most of the books are bogus. Yet they are never called out on it. Hey, maybe KJ can make that his next crusade, getting GBS to stop selling bogus books. LOL!
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