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Thread: The House of Represenatives Dems leadership are complete idiots.

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    This obsession with impeachment is going to blow up in the Democratic Party's face big time. The American people are now going to see everthing that has been going on crooked since Obama held office. Looks like Warren will be the party's pick, what a progressive loser, that does not have a clue. Republicans, will be shortly celebrating as all the supposed conspiracy theories about shady democrats, and FBI, CIA leaders turn out to be true. The crooked press will all have pie in the face a wonderful thing. UNFORTUNATELY, any Republican celebration on this board will be great diminished substantially by some members trying to disassociate themselves with the embarrassment of the board Rob Singer.

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    You cannot impeach a President behind closed doors and in secret. This is a proclamation so I'm willing to bet redietz 1K that it can't be done.
    Luck is probability taken personally.

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