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Thread: Tried Blackjack for real in the real world for the first time... Rigged Blackjack Machine?

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    The other day, I tried a Blackjack game for my first time ever in my Local Casino and I put $5 on Royal Match I believe it was. I got a 9 card. I chose,"Hit," and I got TWO extra cards. I thought I would be getting ONE extra card but with TWO extra cards I ended up getting 25 and losing the $5. WTF? On my Blackjack App, I got only ONE extra card when I said "Hit." Why did the real world game give me TWO extra cards? Had it only given me ONE extra card, I could have won. Was my Blackjack Machine rigged?

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    My guess is the game is "rigged" to pay only 2 for 1 on a blackjack.
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    Micky why even bother to respond , but guess I should ask myself the same question.

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    Originally Posted by mickeycrimm View Post
    My guess is the game is "rigged" to pay only 2 for 1 on a blackjack.
    I meant "Malfunction," not "Rigged," But, you are right. When I put another $5, and The Dealer busted, I only got a $5 profit. I basically did just a little better than even money.

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    Actually, I didn't write this the right way. It was two cards equaling a 9. 2 and a 7. So I said "Hit," and got two extra cards when hit should have only been one extra card.

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