Over the years, TV was responsible for creating our Pop Stars. And that made sense since TV was the #1 medium of information since the end of World War II. The size of TV audiences beats out newspapers, books, magazines, radio and even movies and attendance at sporting events.

Even today, TV is still bigger than the Internet. That might change in a few years, but for now TV is still king.

So who are the pop stars that TV is creating now?

In the 1960s TV created the Beatles and other pop music stars -- no it wasn't radio.

TV made the cast of the TV show Dallas pop stars.

TV made the Dallas Cowboys America's team.

TV created Trekkies, and TV made music videos the #1 way to sell and promote music thanks to MTV.

About 7 or 8 years ago, TV made the game of poker a star and made celebrities out of poker players.

Now, I think TV is making Chefs stars thanks to the Food Channel and all of its programs. Really, five years ago did you consider a chef to be a celebrity and a star?