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    Just tossing this out for comments and opinions.

    I was at a Vegas Casino yesterday and I walked up to a fairly crowded $10 minimum craps table. Mostly young players in their late 20s and early 30s but what stood out were two men who appeared to be in the 40s who were in chairs. My guess is they had been playing a while. Both were Asian but only one spoke to the dealer and he spoke to the other man using gestures and their language and I don't know which Asian language it was.

    When I took my place at the table the men had about $25,000 in the rail including about 20 $1,000 chips. During the next two hours they lost more than half.

    Here's how they were betting and I'd appreciate your comments.

    They did not make pass or don't pass bets. But after the shooter rolled a point they would bet the following:

    $350 on don't come
    $300 on 5
    $300 on 6
    $300 on 8
    $300 on 9

    They would then do the following: either press the numbers that hit OR start making additional don't come bets.

    Over two hours I couldn't figure out why they would press OR why they would make additional DC bets. Whatever reasoning they used to decide on the choice I could not figure out.

    Another thing: sometimes they had the place bets working on a come out roll and sometimes they would turn off their place bets even as the shooter continued to make numbers.

    Again I couldn't figure them out, but they did lose half of their money from the time I arrived at the table. I don't know what they started with.

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    It's easy to make sense of that story. One line.

    Asians love to gamble.

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    Yeah sounds like they were just firing.

    If they were willing to risk that kind of money, they should have made odds bets to at least give themselves the best shot.
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    They had no concern for odds, play “hunches” and had a good time that they obviously could afford.

    It’s why casinos are still in business.

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    Mr Boz: I'm not sure they had a "good time." Often the "money man" who did not speak got up angrily from his seat as the chips were swept away. He was constantly keeping his chips in "counting groups" of five hundred or five thousand. His partner who did speak verbally cursed in English when they lost.

    But yes, they were playing "hunches." And I have some additional info.

    I went back to the casino today and they were back. When I first walked by the table they had about $28,000 including two $5,000 chips. When I walked by again about two hours later one $5,000 chip was gone and they had about $13,000 total and their base dealer had a stack of $1,000 chips they must have lost.

    It appeared they would press their place bets if the shooter started his hand with a point. But if the shooter's first throw was a craps or a seven they would be making DC bets.

    I watched one hand where the shooter's first roll was a 3 craps. The Asian men started betting don't come. But after the 3 the shooter rolled a 10 and then went on to roll the small (2,3,4,5,6) and then the tall numbers except the 12. Each don't come bet that was lost was for $350. And then when it appeared the shooter was going to make the ALL the Asian men placed the 6 and 8 for $300 each and kept pressing... until a 7 out. A total disaster for "their system."

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