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Thread: Crazy Casino stories? :) O.O

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    Funny story... I read that a guy put $500 on black on a Roulette Game... 25 red came up... He took the $500 off the table, put it in his mouth, and started running for the front door but he was caught just inches away from the front door.... LMAO!

    Sad story... Another guy committed suicide in a Casino after losing his life savings in one losing night... O.O... So sad... :/
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    Here is a firsthand crazy Casino story...
    A guy playing Electric Boogaloo was excited when he got the 5 Turntable Symbol in a row(With no flame symbol). He thought he won over $2,000... He won $1.50... His excitement quickly turned to anger as the Casino refused to pay him over $2,000. He ranted that they were trying to cheat him out of his winnings and ranted that he had gotten 5 Ace Symbols and had won over $200 and now a full line of the Turntables that should pay more than 5 Aces is only $1.50? The Casino Staff and I(I play this game quite often abd even the Casino Staff pointed out I knew what I was talking about) told him that the $200+ 5 Aces(No $ Symbols) were accompanied by a Flame Symbol, no $ Symbols) we told him he needed the Turntables to show up 5 times in a row with a Flame Symbol and no $ Symbols. He was still ranting about how he was being cheated and said that I must be a Shill for the Casino, LOL... I slightly touched his screen to show him the Game Rules and he kind of trued to block me and the Casino Staff member gently stepped in in case he tried to hit me or something and gently told me that the Casino Staff had this under control but thanks for my help... The guy continued to rant and demanded they call the cops on him since he knew he was right.... Another Gambler told me,"I could see why he's upset... It does look like it says 5 turntables is over $2,000, and the "With flame and no $ is in very small print. I'd be mad too but he's really crossing the line." The police came and arrested the Angry Gambler.... Crazy....

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    The other week there was this huge drunk guy that security was trying to eject and you could tell they were trying to defuse the situation vs. going Rodney King on him since it was a Saturday night, crowded and they were trying to get him out discreetly. He kept challenging the biggest male guards to a fight so at one point they had all the guards kind of back off and they sent in this cute little early 20s female security guard who was all of 5 feet tall and maybe 90 pounds to talk to him.

    He looked at her and seemed offended and said “So now I’m supposed to beat her ass?!?”

    You kind of had to be there but it was very comical. It worked though. They ended up walking him out peacefully a few minutes later.

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