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    I was in a Vegas locals casino the other day when several players in unison cashed out and walked out from a craps game. The story I got was that the dealers were allowing one high roller at the table to make his own rules and to have his own procedures because he was making big bets on behalf of the dealers.

    For example, when this player made a big field bet he would cash in two black chips then arrange 40 red chips to create a wall on the field. He said he liked to see the dice from the other side of the table crash into his wall.

    The dealers also allowed him to delay the game while he made speeches at the table.

    The dealers also allowed this player to stack his chips so that the largest denomination chips were on top instead of the bottom.

    The dealers actually catered to him and when he was drunk went so far as to encourage him to bet more for the dealers.

    There was no regard for the other players at the table who had to wait for the shenanigans.

    The casino was Red Rock in Summerlin near the 215.

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    Sounds about par for the course.

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    Social Engineering past posting/capping via the wall (that the stick crew/pit couldn't see over) and high denom chips on top. The only shenanigans were against the casino. LOL

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