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Thread: The 2020 Elections

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    QuidproquoJoe is dog meat. Forget about him polling 27% nationally. His numbers are in the teens in the early primary states. Bloomberg will splinter his vote even more. Sanders/Harris voters will coalesce behind Warren. It's her nomination to lose. This is great news for Trump. It will push the majority of independent voters in the general election towards him.

    Wall Street is backing off on donations to the dems because of Warren and her intended massive tax hikes.

    The impeachment hearings are driving Trumps campaign war chest higher and higher. He's at 150 million now and it will grow much higher.

    Twitter banned campaign adds because of Trumps campaign war chest. He can simply out spend the dems. Heavy pressure from the left is on Zuckerburg to do the same on Facebook.

    Chickenshit dems.
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    Mickey, I agree with you that Bloomberg will hurt Biden. The last thing the Dems need is another billionaire running for President. Bloomberg is going no where. Just another 77 year old man. Sanders is too old. I thought he was too old in the last election. His heart attack did him in. It is going to be between Warren and Pete B. I hope it is Pete.

    I'm afraid if Warren gets the nomination she will drive too many independents away. What will really need is a middle of the road candidate and that is Pete. Pete has a good chance of winning Iowa, but all of Sanders supporters are going to get behind Warren.

    I also don't like Warren's idea of another wealth tax. We already have one. It is called the estate tax or death tax and it is paid when you die.

    Don't rule out Pete. He is going to win Iowa.

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