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Thread: Easy Slot Math Payback- Licensed Flintstones Machine

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    Noticed this while in Vegas recently. This Flintstones slot offers a "Buy a Bonus" with the odds and payback listed. Note the payback is the same 91% regardless of wager of $20, $40 or $100 or which bet you select. This may or may not translate to the base game but it a rare example of payback/ hold being prominently displayed.

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    It’s Cosmo. Actually was thinking they were closer to mid 80’s on their licensed slots. Then again this 91% may only be for the “Buy a Bonus” feature and may not correlate to the base game.

    Could be useful or useless information.

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    I would expect all their penny slots to be mid-80s. I think your second point is probably correct

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    Can you post a better resolution version of this pic?
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    So when people see this game out in the wild they should take a pic and post it I'll do it if/when I remember.

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    This was mentioned somewhere a while ago, I’m pretty sure it’s not related at all the the base game

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