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I don't even like interacting with casino hosts. Why in the hell would I give them any financial information?
Exactly. If a person is a serious gambler regardless of their limits, the very last person you ever want to talk to is a casino host. People readily forget these are employees loyal to the casino, they want to keep their jobs, and they don't give even half a crap about any player's circumstances. Their job #1 is to get as much money transferred from the customer's account to the casino's.

Sure we always have the weak/struggling/self-confidence-lacking players on forums who swear up & down how these "hosts" are their wonderful friend(s) at their "home away from home", and how hosts at times provide this and that "os-so-special services and comps" for the asking. Well, to strong players this only exacerbates the reason for staying away from them. The last thing any successful player wants or needs is to be tracked by a host. And when you flag them down to ask them for anything, you are more on their radar than you were ten minutes ago.
This is so true. I never ask a host for anything with one exception. If I’ve just had a huge loss on a big play gone bad that is the one time I will ask for something, but only if I really need it, like room nights etc.