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Thread: Dangers of using Average(s)

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    My favorite quote about dangers of using averages comes from Nassim Taleb who wrote: Don’t cross a river that is on average four feet deep. I first came across his wise words from his book “Fooled by Randomness”.

    There are limitations with using the “average”.

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    Why do you have to start new fucking threads everyday when the threads already there will suffice.

    It looks like "Fooled by Randomness" has made a fool out of you. This is Michael Shackleford's opinion on how the Ainsworth Mystery Progressives work:

    "A point at which a jackpot will hit is randomly chosen on a uniform distribution between the starting point and maximum jackpot."

    I was the very first AP in the gambling forums to write about the Mystery Progressives and how they worked. I came to the same above conclusion as Shack but made it known in the gambling forums years before Shack wrote about it. It's a virtual consensus in the AP world that they work that way. That is, everyone but YOU.

    Dan, you need to squash this kid from flooding the forum with so many unnecessary threads. He created this thread because of something I wrote about averages in another thread. His response here should have been placed over there.
    MDawg is a compulsive liar.

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