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Thread: MDawg here. Greetings!

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    Yes, of WOV fame.

    Been posting my gambling stories elsewhere lately though.

    Some of you may know the story...gambled heavily decade or more ago, took a decade hiatus, got back into it two years ago. Past two years name of the game has been double deck BJ and Baccarat. Average bet back then was around 3000, these days more like 300 (although, I've had some recent trips where my average has been more like 1000 or more), and my last trip which was from just after XMas until mid-January, was something like 400 average, with total winnings about $26K:

    Very smooth sailing!

    Let's hope we may do it again, or better, this time!

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    Hey, MDawg. Greetings and salutations.

    I hope you post your latest adventures over on WoV and copy them here. My cousin, E.R. Dietz, is probably going to follow in your footsteps vis--vis your posting style sometime soon. He's not very tech savvy, though, so he's got to learn the basics of photo posting.

    For those not in the know, MDawg is something of a baccarat savant. His threads over at WoV were the most read and most popular. His session winning streaks top VCT's "Rob Singer," in fact.

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    Hey, MDawg. I read through the last 10 pages of that suspended thread. So I see what happened. They suspended you for pseudo-doxing, not the content of the adventures thread. Well, I don't have much issue with the pseudo-doxing, since my name is R.E.Dietz.

    So what basically happened is that you made a monkey out of the WoV crowd. Some were oohing or aahing over your perks, which were not exactly whale perks, and others were unhappy because the mods and Shackleford would not step in and criticize your claims or alleged methods. So you managed to both (1) demonstrate what a bunch of low rollers hang out there and (2) also show that the people running the place don't really want to criticize anybody who claims to make some money from casinos. LOL. You done good.

    No wonder they found an excuse to suspend you. Their loss.

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    So MDawg do you count cards at blackjack. What's your system at blackjack.

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    Hi Mdawg! It's good to see you here!
    You can go down in History as either a Martyr or a selfish, entitled brat. Make the right choice.


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