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Thread: Wife Brain Washed by Billionaire

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    We just voted this week by mail-in ballot for the MI primary. Most of the time the good wife says she will vote the same way I do as I know best. We were all set to vote for Pete B, but then the wife got brain washed by all the Bloomberg ads on TV. She announces she is going to vote for Bloomberg as he is the only one who can beat Trump. She says Pete is too nice of a guy to be able to stand up to all the shit Trump is going to dish out. Yep, definitely brain washed by Bloomberg's ads.

    I hope she learned her lesson after watching Bloomberg's terrible performance in last night's debate. I'm wondering how many other women got brain washed by Bloomberg.

    I surprised KJ hasn't rallied for Pete B. I know he doesn't like Trump, and Pete would definitely look out for KJ's interests.

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    You taking lessons in being condescending from Mayor Mike?

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