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Thread: The Adventures of MDawg (in progress)

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    Originally Posted by MDawg View Post
    Eight now!

    and that's the whole point Old Sport, I'm the equivalent of a Write In candidate who is winning...that takes tremendous conviction for voters to give a write in the lead.

    I didn't do too badly in your "Moderator" poll either, 22 possible votes versus an adjusted 32. It isn't apparently so very lonely at the top.

    Yes you just broke V's heart again....and kew's, who can't go 30 minutes without "checking in".

    The issue I see is that we KNOW there's only a handful of people wasting some of their spare time on this forum. But look at the pathetic number on WoV! Google touts "more than 3/4 million posts" or something like that. This stuff ain't what it used to be.

    Let's face it--the gaming forums heyday is long past gone. WAAAAY past gonzo!!! Why these owners/admins continue on with this is a curious mystery. Some sort of self-penance maybe? Or it could be related to "pretend" in some way. A sad epitaph either way. Wizard probably just can't let go. Dan's issue?
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