I taught another Ploppy how the game works. I leave the casino for an hour to get some dinner & give a chance for plays to manifest themselves. I come back and same Ploppy is on the machine so I commented he played a long time. He then tells me he got 22 Lions during bonus round for $250. 2nd time in two consecutive nights that I teach a Ploppy how this game works and they each fill the screen. Unbelievable!

Here’s the warning:
The game uses alternating columns so it looks like hexagons. It has 50 pay lines so you MUST KNOW the paylines and not just the number of wild symbols.

A local was playing $2 game and won $49 with maybe 5 or 6 missing symbols (very impressive screen with all those wild symbols filled in). However, those were missing cells were very important cells that limited the winning pay lines. Local spent $45 so he netted $4 profit. Anyone can tell more symbols is better (aka “more is better”) but 5 in a row and cells on pay lines MATTER!

The Locals lucked out with this game and will squeeze out the competition when they start using teams.

One more warning: the cells have to touch so don’t gamble on hitting the missing cells like Wild Pirates. In Wild Pirate, the detonator provides a clue as to when the bombs will blow up so you can size up the risks and rewards of chasing missing cells with bombs in those next few spins. I do this on Wild Pirates a lot and make good money but I will not do this on Zodiac Lions. You can get a Lion where you don’t want (and have no idea when it shows up) and your play is DOA.