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Thread: Newly installed machines with accumulators?

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    So I am in a casino that isn't very good for machine play but they installed Buffalos today. The machines all had the same values when they started up, but they were different at all bet levels? There didn't seem to appear to be any sort of systemic way, except all 4 machines had the exact same start number. What determines that? Do all buffalos have the same number of free spins from the manufacturer? Does a slot tech set them so they have some amount of value as per the par sheet?

    I just found it odd that all 4 machines started with the same values, but each one looked random unless you were to look at all 4. These games had barely had any play at the time I inspected them.

    I can post the numbers but I have to look at the pictures.

    BTW, being at a casino where there aren't other active hustlers is a new experience to me. To sit down and find multiple plays on a bank of games. Wow. So much fun.

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    Go to the rules screens to find the reset numbers per the bet level.
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