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Thread: First case of Coronavirus in NorCal

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    Best defense against Coronavirus: hand & face hygiene. Wash hands frequently & thoroughly; avoid touching face such as eyes, nose, mouth, etc.


    Most of the deaths were due to weak immune system that lead to (viral) pneumonia or organ failure. It’s a highly contagious disease but it’s not as lethal (like SARS’ death rate) despite high death count for current coronavirus, respectively.


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    I’m at a big box retail store ... no hand santizers. All sold out. Shelf is completely bare.


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    I got an Exergen Temporal Thermometer today. It’s supposed to be more accurate than either an oral or ear thermometer.

    So now I have an objective tool to help monitor my health since I’m in the at risk group base on my age. It’s not a lethal disease per se but it’s highly contagious. The problem with casinos is the smoke (air quality is terrible), lots of people concentrated in a small area, people coughing, people touching things, or touching the same buttons, etc. Btw, l did end up getting hand sanitizer to be extra safe.

    We don’t have a vaccine for this disease right now so stay safe out there.

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    Update on hand sanitizers: Still very hard to find the pocket size ones. Shelves continue to remain empty at most retail stores.

    Face masks, gloves, santizers, propane, etc are being rationed in most stores.

    Hoarding on toilet paper, food, other supplies, etc has started to occur in some stores like Costco.

    This is *not* a joke. We don’t have a major panic yet but I could see one starting in my area.

    Again, stay safe out there.

    One more thing: CDC still recommends hand washing over hand santizers, but when you cannot wash your hands, use the hand santizers. CDC guideline on hand santizers is listed below:

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