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Thread: IGT’s Scarab Grand

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    Game is described in this video:

    Game info is here:

    A few important changes from the prior version:
    - 6 rows by 5 columns or 30 cells and uses 75 paylines as before BUT winning PAYLINES have changed!!
    - Chance to win $1K (which means the base pay game and/or bonus round took a hit)
    - 3 bet amounts in my area vs prior game of 5 bet amounts (thus fewer chances to Scavenge)

    I am still mapping out the game. In the original game, 4 cells were the most valuable and this key aspect is gone.

    In the prior version Scarab, it mainly came in two flavors in my area: (a) “loose” at an average of 7 to 8 wild cells per completed game cycle (10 spins) or (b) “tight” at an average of 6 to 7 wild cells per completed game cycle (10 spins). You can get lots of cells but some may be DUPLICATES so that particular cell that ultimately turns wild is only counted once, e.g. survivorship bias. For example (use spreadsheet notation), if you get a cell in “B4” three times in 10 spins, that cell B4 only turns wild based on first occurrence and the subsequent 2 occurrences were not counted due to survivorship bias. You may get more than 6 to 7 cells per 10 spins, but only each specific cell that turns wilds was counted once.

    In the tight version, you estimate 0.65 cell per spin (on average) and risk getting duplicates if the game has lots of existing cells. You use the 0.65 estimator based on spins remaining (adjusting for risk of duplicates that WILL NOT improve your final game). For example, if you had 5 spins left, you estimate 5 * 0.65 or 3 more EXPECTED cells will drop LESS the chance of duplicates thus wasting some of those EXPECTED cells.

    In Scarab, you should have built a “cell” guide as to know when to play based on three factors: (a) number of cells, (b) where the cells were located, and (c) number of spins left.

    A lot Scavengers left money on the table because they can’t size up or handicap when the game is +EV based on the number of spins remaining on the MARGINAL PLAYS.

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    In Scarab, you only see the lady’s head.

    In Scarab Grand, IGT decided that she needed to show off her body in a “revealing” outfit. Lol

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