Here is a tweet by a “AP” wannabe on Wild Pirates:

It has a photo of 3 bombs in column 1, no bombs in column 2 or 3 or 4 & column 5 information was omitted (bomb information on column 5 here is de minimis anyway). The detonator is a “4” meaning it will blow up in the next 4 spins. The game is at $3.75 a spin.

This is NOT a play. S/he is a moron for thinking or wasting time on this situation.

I teach newbies and the first question I ask them is: What is the (most) likely outcome?

However, the important part is the why part or how they arrive at that outcome.

The correct answer depends on key facts or attributes of the game.

The main reasons a hustler makes money is s/he needs to know (a) what is the equity, (b) how much the equity is worth, (c) what it costs to get the equity [(b) and (c) is the traditional cost-benefit analysis], and (d) range of possible outcomes which leads to “What is the (most) likely outcome”.

S/he could make money if:
- s/he got lucky over next few spins
- hits a bonus round (and wins big)

The key thing to understand in this game is: 3-line winners suck; 4-line winners are good, but 5-line winners pays the best.

Therefore, to get 4-line or 5-line winners, the hustler will need to gamble over the next few spins. Smart, successful hustlers do not gamble ($15 in this specific case). So we move on to scavenging or finding the next play.

Time is money. The opportunity costs are real.