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Thread: The Coronavirus Scam

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    Originally Posted by monet View Post
    Originally Posted by MaxPen View Post
    Thanks for posting that graphic and information.
    Not sure they can figure out the 1 to 10 year side effects just yet, can they??
    I find it interesting when I google that title nothing comes up.
    When I use Duck Duck Go many links come up immediately.
    Both Yeadon and Malone have talked about the long term consequences. They have both been spot on to what was going to happen from the beginning. Regardless there is enough info now that you would have to be a fool, if you have done any independent research, to line up for this Jesus Juice.....RIP
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    The Dutch are ready to party!!
    errr Peaceful Protest!

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    Look at this bullshit now.
    Rewriting the dictionaries I see.
    Long Live Big Brother!
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    Do you remember Fauci's big statement about his critics "I REPRESENT SCIENCE!!!"

    I love the way reporter, Peter Doocy just exposed Fauci. In questioning Fauci Doocy asked

    "So everyone coming into the country should be covid tested?"

    Fauci after some thought said "Yes! Everyone flying into the country should be covid tested."

    Doocy followed up with "And should people walking across the southern border be tested."

    Fauci's response "That's another issue." Fauci wouldn't say yes to testing the illegals coming into the country.

    Fauci exposed himself bigtime. If he really represents science then the answer to whether illegals crossing the southern border should be tested should be YES.

    The science is the same for both those flying in and those walking across the border. Both groups should be tested. Fauci is clearly playing politics with the science.
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