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Thread: My e-mail accít blew up with casino COVID-19 advisements

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    These advisements come in two flavors:
    - casino environment
    - hotel (if attached to the casino property)

    As a general comment, the casinoís are taking COVID-19 seriously. They are simply scared. Most of if not many of the casino patrons are elderly. These are people are risk DUE TO NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN. No business wants it main or core customer base disappear (and not come back!).

    As I was reading the hotel advisements, itís clear (at least to me) the hotel business is SUFFERING big time as people are canceling trips, stays, etc. This is a double whammy.

    It feels (as I read these numerous but similar advisements) that there is a depression out there.

    Again, be safe out there. The COVID-19 is highly contagious and can be transmitted by carriers/hosts who exhibit little or no symptoms.

    The Indian casinos in my neck of the woods are on Sovereign land so if the Governor of California was going to ban places of 500 or more people, IMHO these casinos will not follow that order (they donít have to) because a lot of Tribal members work in the casinos and mass unemployment would put a several strain on the Tribes.

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    Seeing the same thing in my email and they are all very similar. “We are monitoring situation, we take it very seriously, our guests safety is main concern etc. etc.” but of course no mention or hint of closing down.

    I heard that one casino said “We have cancelled our drawings due to cornona virus” but they remained open lol. No shame.

    I hit a bunch of places last night and saw they were all very slow compared to what they usually are so less plays, but then less poachers out there too to pick off plays so somewhat of a wash overall.....

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