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Thread: Casinos that are open?

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    Random native casinos and smaller card rooms here and there.

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    Originally Posted by mcap View Post
    Random native casinos and smaller card rooms here and there.
    My city with gray area cardrooms all shut down today. Ordered by city. All native casinos on northern border of state. Basically any joint I've gambled in is now shutdown AFAIK. Maybe some cardrooms in the western states like OR haven't closed their doors.

    Anyway, just pointing out that the list of places open is actually more useful than listing the ones that have closed. Although is CET still holding out?

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    Do you know how to get to Texas from here? You go south until you smell it. Then you go east until you step in it.
    MDawg is a compulsive liar.

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    Last I heard Casino Arizona hasn't shutdown. If any states aren't shutting things down at this point then they're definitely going against the grain on this one. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out. Lots of old people in Phoenix but they also like to stay home?

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    I found this posted yesterday:

    The Navajo Nation Gaming board or directors sent a memo temporarily shutting all four casinos Fire Rock Casino, Twin Arrows Casino, Northern Edge Casino, and Flowing Water Navajo Casino for three weeks.
    I've not seen anything else about other ones in the area.

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    The Oklahoma Indian Casinos are starting to shut down. The Cherokee's, Indigo Sky, Buffalo Run. The others will probably follow. But they are all saying they will be closed for just two weeks.
    MDawg is a compulsive liar.

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    I'm using the Bravo Poker App as sort of my canary in the coal mine.

    3 card rooms (Oxford Downs, Orange City and Daytona Beach) in Central Florida are still operating, and I have from another source that the Seminole properties are open, but their poker rooms are closed.

    Looks like Tachi (in CA's central valley) is still going, as well as Thunder Valley just outside Sacramento.

    A reliable source tells me TV closing tomorrow, however.

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    As far as I can tell deadwood South Dakota is still going? Seems like only state regulated casino I can tell of still running other than gas station/bar types possibly.

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