As I was posting about hand santizers disappearing from stores, how toilet paper & (50 lb) bags of rice and pintos beans were disappearing from Costco, Mickey Crimm made his famous post about the Coronavirus Scam because he didn’t believed the sky was falling.

What Mickey Crimm & others didn’t get was how lucky Americans were due to the timing of the COVID-19 virus. I posted about Costco on March 6th. I made it clear that this was not a joke. I went to Costco for a reason because its customers were relatively well-off & not on welfare.

We as a nation dodged the bullet. The biggest test will come on April 1st to 4th. In about 10+ days or so we will know if America will survive the biggest challenge of the COVID - 19 virus.

The welfare checks go out & stores like Walmart et al are full on the first 4 days of the month. These people on welfare tend to buy a whole month supply in these first 4 days of the month. If the shelves ARE NOT stocked with cheap food like instant noodles, other stables like rice, pasta, beans, etc ... you will see riots. And I HOPE I AM WRONG.

Right now, the shelves in WinCo Foods, Walmart, etc ARE UNABLE TO KEEP their shelves stocked with basic stables. People are lining up HOURS before the store opens to get food. These are people with money to spend.

The welfare check people show up on the first 4 days. This is a different crowd that has not “shopped” since March 1st to the 4th.

Again, I hope the shelves are fully stocked with the supplies these welfare buyers are used to getting and loading up their carts during the 1st four days of April.

Btw, March 6th was just 2 days AFTER the 1st 4 days of March, e.g. calm before the storm. When the poor people of a nation can not get food, it gets ugly. Hoarding just make it worse for everybody.