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    Originally Posted by Bob21 View Post
    Originally Posted by Rob.Singer View Post
    I never heard of the word "doxxing" until I read about the fear it instills in some people right here.

    That said, I've invited redietz and his bevy of personal threats against me, to come over here anytime and try his "level best" with all his biblical bs and "words have consequences" nonsense. Besides....he'd like the dirt we have in the desert.
    Rob, I was on the same peg. The first time I had ever heard this word is when Tasha used it to call out smallcap for “doxxing” someone. I had to look it up to even know what it meant.

    Here’s the definition: “search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.”

    The malicious intent is key to doxxing someone. Since Redietz said he’d like to dox everybody on this forum that means he has malicious intent to everyone here. That’s a little scary, since I thought Redietz was a reasonable person.
    redietz is touched. I've never believed he was working with a full deck. He doesn't like Trump. There's a good reason right there to understand how he's "off".

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    When I was dragged into that mess the NYTimes and 2 other papers listed my name and address in their articles about it. (along with others) They even listed the amounts of monies each defendant allegedly made by alleged ill-gotten means. Not sure if they still do that today without actual facts. I would only guess when you consider what the press says alleged about our own president they still do.

    My point is the amount of mail I started to receive became frightening. I got mail from lots of people accusing me of being one of the reasons they always lost money investing. The threats of harm to my family and myself were scary. There were all sorts of mail in my mail-box with no stamps which meant they were hand delivered suggesting they were close by. Of course, the needed agencies were notified, but there wasn’t much they could do. There also were all sorts of sad stories begging for help.

    I hired a legal armed guard company to protect my family at least at my home until things cooled down. At one point we considered selling the house. After a couple of months, it all just went away and never once did someone confront me or anyone in my family or show up at the house.

    It was a terrible experience, and to think in the mid-nineties the internet / AOL etc. was just starting to hit its stride. Couldn’t even imagine all that taking place today.

    When I thought I was going to meet Axel while in Vegas, I mentioned to my wife we might meet someone from a gambling forum. She gave me hell reminding me of the past and wanted nothing to do with it.

    So, I for one take doxing serious. Being famous and in the publics eyes automatically comes with all sorts of different type securities. I would think people on forums like these not concerned about being doxed would indicate they don’t have much to lose.

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