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Thread: Do casino workers want to return?

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    Originally Posted by Bob21 View Post
    Originally Posted by LMR View Post
    Well, if a lot of talking could make the virus go away, it wouldn't have come.

    Meanwhile, the real world marches ahead.
    Truer words couldn’t have been spoken by anybody else.

    LMR, time to put your big boy pants on and play ball. I know liberals just like to sit around and complain. But this is the real world.

    We’ve been dealt a curveball, now let’s see how you handle it. Some (think conservatives) move forward, put a mask on, and get out there and work and deal with it. Some (think liberals) hunker down in their bunkers, complain and hope someone (usually government) takes care of them.

    Which camp are you in?
    Somewhere in between.

    Look. Two extremes. Do nothing at all, carry on. Or, the global response of one shut-down over a solid couple of months to kill everything, all the flu's, and who knows what else, all at once. Not too practical, or even practicable. As they say, the hardest action to take is no action, but, here we have no action at all.

    Maybe, the best action is the optimized, but non-trivialized, long-term approach of built-in "contact tracing" that is each person being responsible for, in contact with, a handful of persons outside the family. The linear sort that doesn't "ball up" into the usual cliques.

    Old folks homes, and, schools? Well, those have to be "busted up". Real and actual community integration. The extremes into the average.

    I mean, again, maybe, the virus, itself, is optimized, so, it doesn't matter what we try to do about it, over the long-run. That we may be left to more-philosophical points of view. Maybe, figuratively speaking, perhaps, the virus is punishment for abandonment, nay, unnecessary harm, of those left without a "voice" in society. I mean, that the perpetrators, themselves, are left to take less than no action, or, action that makes things worse. Who knows.
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