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Thread: Update on Face Masks in the Era of Wuhan (or CCP) Virus

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    1. A surgical mask is a mask but not all masks are surgical masks and it took a long time for CDC to figure this one out. A cloth mask is a mask but not a surgical mask. Duh!!

    2. Masks worked in the 1918 Spanish Flu and also worked for Wuhan (CCP) Virus for countries like Taiwan, etc. Btw, Taiwan absolutely crushed the Wuhan Virus while keeping its economy going. In contrast, Sweden is a basket case partly due to lack of face masks during an open economy. In a couple of years from now, researchers will have solved the issue of whether masks were effective.

    3. The math behind the mask. This part might be complicated so feel free to skip this section.

    A. What N. Taleb wrote using probability theory:

    “That's for an individual. If everyone wore *VERY BAD* masks, I guess the number of deaths would drop by a yuuuge factor, maybe 90%. Why? p is probability of infection, look at 1-p^n because everyone is reducing.

    For 2 pple masks act a 2-way filter, 1-p^2. Yuuge.”

    B Using Permutations
    1. Suppose you wear two masks: (A) & (B), then there are 2 distinct ways to choose 2 masks 2 at a time. So rather than wear 1 mask per day, you *may* be better off wearing two masks over two days but change the order of the masks.

    If you wear 3 masks a day, then there are 6 distinct ways to choose 3 mask from 3 masks, e.g. each day is a distinct way, respectively.

    This clearly DEBUNKS the myths wearing multiple masks are expensive. Not everyone gets permutations. Also, the safety level of the masks gets compromised over time.

    4. When to wear 2 or more mask?

    When the risks are the highest: shopping at Walmart, supermarkets, places where there are lots of kids, etc. The researchers are also going to find out that asymptomatic people (hosts or carriers) were most likely kids and young people.

    I might wear one mask to take out the garbage, but at high risk places, I immediately put on 2 masks and wash my hands frequently while in the store. I immediately wash my hands after I enter the store and tried to wash again before checking out. When I was in the casino, I washed every hour and every time my hands felt dirty and before each time when I needed to touch my mouth, nose or eyes.

    5. Where to get disposable face masks
    I bought my first box of 2-ply 20 ear-loop face masks from Walgreen and that cost me $12+ or $0.60+ per mask.

    I then bought a box of 3-ply 30 ear loop face masks from Daiso for $3 or $0.10 a mask. Not only were they cheaper, offer better protection, but also had a much better fit and coverage — way superior to the Walgreen masks. These Daiso masks are out and won’t be seen for a while. This is what I plan on stockpiling when it comes back into the stores.

    I did find a bag of 6 child size face mask at Daiso for $1.50 or $0.25 a mask. My position is a child’s mask is better than no mask. Btw, the child size mask fit my face but cover a much smaller surface area (as expected). These are plentiful by the registers.

    6. Future plans

    I am researching cloth masks on Amazon and other websites (need min 30 reviews or I will skip ad). I plan to wear a cloth mask first and disposal face mask over the cloth mask (disposable face mask are resistance to liquids). I will wash cloth mask each night but may use disposable mask over 2 days.

    I plan to get Daiso’s 3-ply face masks as 3-ply is better than 2 ply.

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    Addendum: Cloth face mask.

    Suppose you wanted to use a cloth face mask (CDC recommends cotton material). I found a few choices while in Daiso.

    They have 100% cotton hand towels 30 cm x 80 cm or 100% cotton wash towels 30 cm x 82 cm.

    If you remembered your high school 2-D geometry class, the longest distance in a rectangle is the hypothenuse. Fold the towel diagonally at the hypothenuse and you now have enough material to cover your nose & mouth. I tried both and each worked.

    It turns out you get two layers of protection when using the hypothenuse.

    So to be safe, wear a disposable face mask over your cloth mask so you impress the security guard at the door. In Nuggets (high end supermarket), they will *NOT* let you shop if you are not wearing a face mask.

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    If you want a Military Grade face mask (good for say 340 hours), then try this company:

    Unfortunately, masks are sold out so keep checking back.

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