I will highlight two paragraphs:

1) “ Let's talk about Germany. The Germans have the lowest death rates in Europe. What they do is every patient who has COVID, they visit every day and they check their oxygen and they check their vital signs. And so, what I'm saying to you is if you're having symptoms of viral illness, if you're known to have COVID, you should be checking your oxygen. … If you don't have an oximeter, increased breathing may be a sign of that, but also just feeling worse.”

2) “What I'm telling you is actually hopeful. What we are learning about this disease is it attacks primarily through one pathway, and that's the lungs. We know when it is going to attack. It is going to attack between five to 10 days after infection. … And we know we have a way to detect it earlier, and that way is by close monitoring of pulse oximetry. … And what I'm saying to you is that as the public health messaging shifts, … we can move the treatment curve earlier and do much better for patients.”

There should be a video in the source. Basically, if people catch Wuhan Virus early, they might not need ventilators later. Now I need to get an oximeter to add to my temporal thermometer.

Source: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/coronav...oxygen-levels/