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Thread: Blackjack the Forum getting political

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    Originally Posted by Bob21 View Post
    One more comment, I also think I would get along with LMR, even though I know we have very different views. He doesnít take this forum stuff too seriously either. Iíd also like to meet MDawg too sometime to talk stocks.

    And Iíve course Iíd like to meet Mickey sometime since heís another hardcore flame throwing conservative. Lol. You donít see too many of those out there anymore. Cheers!
    Hey, well, I will be absent, for a while. Lots of serious stuff to type up. About 600 pages of it. I have the first-go done, but have to go through it all to rearrange, and edit it. Too hard to separate out this stuff from that.

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    Originally Posted by redietz View Post
    Originally Posted by DGenBen View Post
    Bob, Iím sorry I overlooked in my last reply where you said Iím probably actually a hard core liberal.

    So sorry I got you so upset. To go from a liberal to a hardcore liberal without out having stated a single liberal position must mean you are very fired up. I should let you get back to whatever it is you do when you are not looking for liberals.

    Im afraid to find out what comes after hard core liberal. Mega King Kong hard core liberal?

    This is an alt-right site. Seriously ask some of the folks what policy change would force them to withdraw Trump support and wait for the responses. Before the Kemp disavowal briefing, they would have been all for Georgia opening up. After the briefing, not so much. That tells you how they make policy. They follow-the-leader.

    What I get a kick out of is that I was on board with about half of Trump's broad policy themes before the COVID-19 hit. I'm an advocate of Australian type immigration laws, I'm anti political correctness, I'm in agreement that NATO, WHO, and UN funding could be reduced, and so on.

    When these folks put me in the Trump-orientation grading machine, however, I come out as libtard lefty and so on. Hey, I'm left of Karl Marx on many things, but I don't fit the "liberal checklist" these idjits try to employ.

    It's an alt-right site. The views are simplistic and extreme. And most of the alt-righters trust their own judgement over scientific consensus. The sheer hubris is comical.
    Redietz, your sheer hubris is comical. You are the poster boy for the alt-left on VCT. Your alt-left math on coronavirus was way off the mark. You are still trying to pretend you were right which is what an alt-lefter does. Your criticism of only Trump while giving a pass to anyone of the left is what alt-lefters do. As long as you are here this site is alt-left.
    DOJ needs to introduce ANTIFA to RICO

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    Originally Posted by redietz View Post
    Originally Posted by dannyj View Post
    Originally Posted by monet View Post

    Not sure what you are so upset about?
    I understand you are pissed off about the comment made by Singer.
    However, your Liberal side is constantly gaining ground and winning in the struggle between the two sides.
    Eventually, I believe, the Liberals will take over the House, Senate and the White House.
    Mostly due to indoctrinating the Youth of America.
    The only thing the Liberals haven't taken away from Americans are their Guns and their right to buy Guns.
    Although they have certainly made it more and more difficult compared to years past.

    The point is, you will have your Liberally Government Controlled America soon enough, so you should be celebrating instead of being so pissed off.
    The only problem is once your side does garner complete control you will have a Civil War on your hands and have to kill many Right, Alt Right and Far Right Americans.
    I am sure you just lump all Conservatives into Alt Right or Far Right.
    Shouldn't be too hard as long as you have the Military on your side.
    Yeah, less than 20 years ago I was just a conservative. Now believing the same things I'm considered an alt-right thug worthy of being silenced or worse.

    And red, as far as the "Kemp disavowal briefing", I'm all for Georgia opening up, if that's what they want. I didn't keep up with what trump said on the matter, but if I were a Georgian it wouldn't have mattered to me.
    I agree with the "if that's what they want." The decision should be a popular referendum put to a vote of all citizens, not a call by the governor or president or a consensus of business owners.
    Redietz, if you believe the reopening should be put up for a vote of the people then you must have supported the shutdown be put up to a vote of the people. Somehow I've missed where you did that? Could you direct me to the thread in which you said the shutdown should be put to a vote of the people?

    Oh, hold it!!!! That's right. You supported shutting down the economy without a vote!!! And you continue to support those governors who insist on keeping the shutdown going clean into July.

    Why did you not support a vote for the shutdown but want a vote on reopening? Seriously, I'm trying to gain some insight on the thinking of the alt-left. As Coach would say "I'm collecting information."
    DOJ needs to introduce ANTIFA to RICO

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