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Thread: Who were the Cheating Scandal Partners busted because of one of them wanting to be paid under the table?

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    Was that Nestor and Kane? There was a big cheating scandal that was really huge for a while but one of the Partners won like 20 Million and demanded the Casino Staff NOT report the 20 million win to the IRS/CTR, just oay the 20 million under the table. The Casino Staff understandably saw huge red flags and did investigations and discovered the huge cheating scandal and the Cheating Partners were Arrested and prosecuted. At least one Poster said something like,"They could have gotten away with it if that Partner didn't demand the 20 million to be paid under the table " Who were these Cheating Partners? :/
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    Winning 20 million and demanding Casino Staff to NOT report the 20 million win to CTR/IRS and demanding them to pay you under the table isn't the best way to get away with a huge Cheating Scandal.

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