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Thread: United Nations Report Coronavirus Poverty & Death

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    U.N. reports say the economic meltdown caused by the pandemic will throw half a billion people into extreme poverty and hundreds of thousands of children will die.

    I could see this one coming. The cure is worse than the disease. Until now, alt-lefty's like redeitz have been telling those of us that want the economy to open back up that we are selfish, greedy, and only think about ourselves.

    But now the shoe is on the other foot. Those like redietz that want the economy to stay shutdown will be causing even more and more poverty around the world and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children. Nothing could be more selfish and greedy than continuing the economic shutdown.
    DOJ needs to introduce ANTIFA to RICO

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    Yahoo put up these two articles side by side...
    I think they were playing spades and someone Reneged and it got out of control.
    Flipped over the table and pulled out the heavy artillery!!

    Giants CB Deandre Baker, Seahawks CB Quinton Dunbar facing multiple armed robbery charges

    How #BlackLivesMatter’s Alicia Garza is still fighting for democracy during the COVID-19 pandemic

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