Trump created a lot of jobs during his presidency; how else could almost 37 million Americans be out of work mainly due to Wuhan Virus. Logic dictates you have to have a job and have been “let go” to file for unemployment benefits.

Anyway, I am really busy with my volunteer work and that I joined a stock forum to share ideas about making money in this current market environment. Traditionally, I have sold puts as synthetic dividends as monthly income but in this market, you make money off the volatility by being a buyer of options. So my time is limited.

I just want to share how you know your casino (in your particular state) will return to normal. I told everyone in my network to look at Lottery revenues. I live in California so if I follow lottery sales, it would give me a good idea of how much disposable income for California have recovered to put to activities like gambling. Casino and lottery revenues are highly correlated. While casinos were locked up and closed, we can gain insights based on lottery revenues, which are still ongoing.

Btw, things were so bad, the Mega Millions “consortium” had to change their prize structure. California lottery revenues are down in the 30% range. I will be closely following the CA Lottery revenue updates. Don’t get me wrong, people will still frequent casinos but now you have an idea to know when things might return to return to normal.

I wish I wasn’t retired. This is like 2009 & 2010 in the casinos all over again. Deja vu as some would call it.