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Thread: Las Vegas Earthquake Thread

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    mcap forced me to start another thread.
    His Totalitarian Authority is a hindrance but necessary in these trying times.

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    Hearing from friends in Tahoe they felt it and had things come of the wall.

    Largest earthquake in Nevada in 66 years.
    Reopen America!

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    It was the largest earthquake in Nevada since the '50s, yes, BUT the one in Ridgecrest (around 7.0) last year was felt in Vegas much more.

    This one had an epicenter about 200-250 miles from Vegas, so wasn't felt very much there. It affected the Reno/Tahoe area more, but again, it wasn't that close to there either. Fortunately it was in the middle of nowhere.
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    That wasn't an earthquake. It was Rob rumblin' and bumblin' through town!

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    I felt it.
    I thought I was just getting dizzy from lack of sleep and playing too much Civ VI.
    I realized it might be another Earthquake and sure enough when I looked it up I noticed Tonopah got hit.
    Dan Druff is correct though.
    The other Earthquake from Ridgecrest was more powerful at my house.
    This is not the point.
    I have been in Vegas over 20 years and these are the first two Earthquakes I felt.
    I am not comfortable feeling Earthquakes.

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    Originally Posted by jbjb View Post
    That wasn't an earthquake. It was Rob rumblin' and bumblin' through town!
    Not possible. Rob is in Phoenix posing as a model at the local RV dealership.

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