Greed is a terrible disease. You have got to control it before it blows up your bankroll.

Article is entitled: ď He started the day with $77,000 ó by midnight, he owed $9 millionĒ

Guy did not sleep for three days LULZ (plus in original Bloomberg article, same guy blew up his friends accounts ... way to go!!!).

Here is summary article from

I understand with the land-based casinos and poker rooms closed, lots of APís, AP-wanna beís, etc are turning to online gambling (bonus hustling, online poker, etc) or the greatest casinos in the world (stock & financial markets). However, the same rules apply: Find positive EV plays and donít overbet your bankroll.

Nassim Taleb worked for a company that LOST MONEY consistently buying deep out of money options and kept LOSING MONEY. Then the stock market crashed in 2008 - 2009 and Taleb was instantly RICH ... financially independent for life.

Same thing about Wimbledon and itís pandemic insurance that lost money for years and then hit a pay day.

I keep saying this: EV trumps probabilities (or win rates). Taleb was losing money on trades each month and Wimbledon lost millions each year but the HUGE payday made it worthwhile for both of them.