The following two articles deal with medicine, not vaccines against Wuhan Virus. This distinction is important is that in a vaccine, it takes time for your body to develop the necessary antibodies, and thus is not effective as medicine that work on the already sick patients or as a prophylactic for front line medical care professionals. For example, you can get a flu shot today and still catch the flu tomorrow because you got sick within the narrow window before the flu vaccine kicked in. In contrast, the “medicine” starts working immediately and works even if you sick. Vaccines best work as preventives towards diseases.

The first one was: “Sorrento IDs Antibody Against COVID-19 That Appears 100% Effective“


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Second one is: “Centivax Antibodies Neutralize the Pandemic Coronavirus, Independently Confirmed by Three Research Laboratories (USAMRIID, Stanford, and UTMB/GNL)“


I knew about Centivax releasing a press release today (based on public info) and I got lucky in the market this day due to Moderna’s (unexpected) positive news today. So due to dumb luck, I had a really good day in the market.

Medical trials are just that ... they are milestones toward a successful medicine of vaccine. I took my profits and will keep waiting for opportunities to put on new trades.