Here are the common themes based on press releases:

- limited slot machines (expect 50% of machines will be off line)
- limited table game spots
- social distancing
- more cleaning by staff
- guest must wear mask
- crowd control or limits on occupancy
- free play & promotions lost is lost
- no downgrading on tier levels
- you can redeem chips
- ticket voucher expiration date have been extended (90 days at Jackson to 6 months at Red Hawk)

I have received zero mailers & e-mail offers from any casino in my area since March 2020 closures. So my guess is the casinoís are financially hurt. For example, the casino and personnel are on edge and nerves are frail as they need to return to normal ASAP, e.g. they donít want to become a hot spot or have super spreaders.

Be careful out there due to Wuhan Virus but also be careful if you vulture or loiter when slot hustling. This is a new regime so watch out.

Do not cough or sneeze when waiting in line or inside the casino. Not even as a joke or a prank. I expect a zero tolerance policy on guests who used to hack and cough, etc.

My goal is go and reconnoiter and report back to my network. If I play, I will not use my playerís card. Go in, count the machines, survey the completion, etc and go out. Come back in a few hours and repeat ... basics rinse & repeat for a couple of weeks. The money can wait.